March 11, 2009

Good News, Bad News

Good News- I'm back blogging. It's been awhile and I have no excuses. I just have to go under the radar every once in awhile.

Bad News- J didn't get offered one of the jobs.

Good News- J didn't get offered one of the jobs! We get to stay in socal where my eldest thinks it's FREEZING in the morning!

More Good News- J won a dissertation fellowship for the spring quarter. He won't have to work. But...

Bad News- He will have to finish in December. As in PhD in hand by winter break. Which isn't really bad news. It's just... busy news.

Good News- Since we know we're going somewhere in January/February, Jesse put a whole bunch of stuff up on Craigslist and sold 2 bikes. We got rid of a whole bunch of stuff in the kids room, and we can't wait to get rid of more. Yay!

And as soon as my pictures upload, I'll actually post some.


  1. Wow. That is good news. Especially the not working (well, really just extra work, right?) part.
    Where do you want to go in Jan/February, if you have your choice?

  2. sounds good to me too. who knows what will come up. . .maybe something cool that you couldn't have taken advantage of if he weren't finished. the scrabble game looks fun. wiley is a good start. we're playing every night lately with mimi. suzelle has been winning the most. adam played last night and lost patience fast.


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