March 23, 2009

I Heart Roadside Assistance Almost As Much As I Heart My Friends

Today, I had plans. But of course the car conked and I spent my one child free morning sitting on a berm waiting for my car to be towed. I have fab friends who saved the day. One who lent Jesse her husband to help remove the faulty alternator and their car so he could get a new one, one who gave me a ride to pick up Monkey, one who volunteered to keep Monkey indefinitely and drive her home in case I wouldn't be able to pick Monkey up, one who listened to me complain about my day, and one who when I had to cancel babysitting her little one tomorrow because I won't have a car said "no problem. call me if you guys need to get more parts. or a ride anywhere." These are all separate people. Can you see why no one in this family is crying that we aren't moving?


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you are well taken care of over there. Thanks for posting about the positive side of such a bummer morning!

  2. dang what a hassle. l'm always freaked out that something like this will happen to me. We don't have roadside assistance and even though we do have friends I don't have a cell phone or anyone's number memorized. I'd be in a bad situation. Good thing you were prepared. I hope it didn't cost too much. yesterday we got our (your) car fixed. Something was wrong with the idle and we had put off fixing it for almost 2 months. It would stall (wrong sp?) every time we stopped and sound super crazy like we were trying to race all the other cars. We thought for sure it would cost us a couple hundred but it turned out to be something small. basically something needed to be cleaned out and the mechanic was able to do it in a couple minutes. It cost us $50. I wish we had fixed it sooner. Today when I was taking Enzo to preschool I fell in love with our car again. I really hope it doesn't die on us any time soon. I hope your car lives a long life as well.


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