May 14, 2009

Jesse's going to Muji! (on the way to Maine for a job talk)

It's my birthday eve, I should be writing my paper, so do I need any other reason to write in my blog? (finally, I know. It's just so hard to write when my life is so...predictable/boring/un-newsworthy)

But there is a little bit of news. J is flying out to Maine for an interview. And since we're getting so good at the interview process, he asked to make his own reservations (that way he has no one but himself, and me to blame for the 5:47 am flight out of Maine) so he can layover and visit El Capitan E and A and maybe even my baby bro Ben. And, he will go in with E to work, but not enter his workplace until he enters Muji next door, buys me lots of things like a calendar, a planner, stationery, face scrub, I mean scrub face (black tube), and maybe a snack or two. Do they have clothes in that store? I love their clothes.

Anywho. We're really excited that he's flying out to Maine. A job would be great (and if he gets it, we can all fly there through JFK and I can go to Muji and cry and shop and eat those little chocolate frosted rum cakes that I pretended didn't have any alcohol in them because I can't really read katakana and it could be just some weird Japanese thing since I'm pretty naive when it comes to alcohol).

And I'm already meal planning for the four nights he'll be gone. There's a bbq on Saturday-sweet! Sunday is a day of rest, right? So what's more restful than cereal for dinner? Monday is family night-dollar theater and happy meals. Tuesday-Trader Joe's frozen something or another because I have to take my final. I've found that the best meal plans are ones that involve little or no dishes when Jesse's gone. I actually have to wash them when he's not here. It's rough.


  1. Good thoughts for Jesse on the job.

    You'd better be careful about the meal plans. One of the boys let it slip and asked Merv when he was going away again. When he asked why they said because we get pot pies, pancakes, and good things to eat while you're gone!

  2. Happy Birthday Bekah. I love you. Have a great day.

  3. Really, Jesse's getting tons of interviews. That should be a very good sign.

    Happy Birthday. I saw a muji CD player on-line and thought of you.

    I also saw a blog post where a woman referred to the drive from Sacramento to LA as being hung from your fingernails for 9 hours minus the joy, and also thought of you.

    Funny how the internet works, yes?

  4. Happy Birthday from me too. I finally sent your predictable package yesterday. It's unusually low on color. Hope Jesse gets the job. You would definitely be moving diagonally across the country--lower left to upper right. I don't know why he is faithless when he has been given so much. (right?) Oh fine. Now he's faithless and ungrateful. In any case, I hope you have a happy day today. Eat some yummy food. Do something relaxing and fun. I love you even though I don't communicate (I'm no worse than Amy for what that's worth).

  5. You're so cute, Bekah. I love your passion for that place. :) And how your wrote about dinner plans while Jesse is gone--I'd do the exact same thing!

  6. Robbie is right, your dinner plan is a good idea. When Chris was gone I decided to make a gigantic batch of meatballs. I probably made over 200 meatballs and thought it would be a good idea to freeze so we would have meatballs throughout the school year. I just threw whatever was left in the freezer away. Total time consuming and we'll probably never be able to eat meatballs again. What was I thinking?

    Trader Joe's has really good frozen food. Much better than my meatballs, that's for sure.

    Good job on keeping to your simplify model.

    I hope J finds your little cakes and other treats.

  7. Was he able to go? He probably told you, we were (lucky enough to be) with him at the time he was supposed to be doing his duty at Muji (no fault of his own, they didn't open until 11:00). As it turns out, 11:00 was exactly when he was supposed to be boarding the A train to JFK. But being the faithful husband he is, when we last saw him he was dutifully trotting of toward Muji in a desperate but hopeful attempt to complete the aforementioned duty in 5 minutes flat. I wished him luck...did it work?

  8. I followed the link for divorce, and it gives us a 16% chance. Man, if only they asked about what type of school we were in, etc. I am sure that the rates would go up. I hope your final went well!


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