June 11, 2009


It's been kind of cold here. Major June gloom with 3 hours of sunshine a day. I'm freezing. I'm moving to Maine. hmm.

Mermaid came home and asked if she could go dumpster diving.
M-"I won't cross the street. I won't talk to strangers. And I won't actually get in the dumpster. And I'll be back by dark."
Me-"You can't take your sister, so you'll have to figure out how to keep her happy. And how about you come back in 20 minutes?"

Did you hear about Monkey on the rock climbing wall? J took the girls last Saturday. Mermaid made it half way up. Monkey made it to the top. Twice. 35 feet up is pretty darn high, especially when you're 3 feet tall.

The Grandmas are coming. We're heavy on the Grandmas light on the Grandpas in this family. We'll see 3 of the 5 in the next two weeks. We're so lucky!


  1. At least it's not raining there. Here the "June gloom" comes with rain and thunderstorms. It feels like it's still winter to me. I think I lived in SoCal too long since rain = winter.

  2. its been rainy here, but i like it. nice for a change. i am so excited about maine and the new adventure. that is a super funny story about miriam.


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