August 2, 2009

Yard Sale

Today at our yard sale I was a little dumbfounded when people came and after a quick once over, left without a word.

My first thought was "Hey! This is all great stuff! If I came to this yard sale, I'd want to buy just about everything. I mean, a shop vac for $5? What a bargain!"

Then I remembered. I did buy this stuff in the first place.


  1. That is exactly why I hate having a yard sale. It seems humiliating! My mom always ropes me into helping her with hers. YUCK!
    I always just give my stuff away to Salvation Army. I don't even really like offering my stuff to people because I hate that feeling of people looking through my stuff and not wanting it.

  2. Me too. I remember someone not wanting my perfectly good wedding corning ware because it had a little blue scrolly thing on it and their kitchen was green. By the way, I miss you guys.

  3. its funny how many people come with a specific item in mind.
    with our garage sale in oregon i was totally bad at pricing things. i'd make them way too high (people would scoff at the price or offer a lot less) or i'd way underprice things. for example, i sold this set of dressers for $15 each. the guy paid me and left to get a truck. while he was gone at least 6 people asked me for the dressers and groaned when i told them my price. i finally stopped telling them so i wouldn't feel like an idiot. that's why i don't do business.
    you've always got craiglist.

  4. how about being upset when you can't sell something on Craigslist that you actually got for free? My current dilemma.


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