October 16, 2009

Acadia National Park w/ Friends

Acadia Sunset

We took advantage of the 4 day weekend school offered and went north to Acadia National Park. It was gorgeous! And we were lucky enough to be able to spend time with the Barretts, friends from our first stint in college oh so many years ago. Their kids are awesome. One 4 year old is a joy. Three of them are absolutely delightful. Their accents, their inquisitiveness, their joi de vivre. It's why I love sunbeams so much. The baby is scrumptious. And Jason even gave the kids duck anatomy lessons after his successful duck hunt.Lighthouse on Desert Mountain Island

All of the kids in front of the enormous rock in the forest.


  1. and Jason is even wearing his CSU shirt, thanks to Jesse, That shirt is like a uniform.

    I need to go back to Acadia. last time I was there (only time) I was prego with Enzo and feeling super sick. I do remember it being very beautiful though.

  2. I actually figured out what it is. I wore it to class one day and a student told me it was a sister school to his church in LA, catholic I think. Long live cheap mormons and free shirts. It's actually a pretty quality shirt though. I noticed a few years ago Paul Spring still had his. That was a good Christmas. Also, it was awesome to see the Barretts, great to have friends in a new place.

  3. i still have that shirt, and Iz too.

  4. chris still has his, 2 actually.


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