October 27, 2009


It was awhile ago, but the kids and I went apple picking for our Columbus day holiday. Have you ever eaten a crisp apple right off the tree? Oh yum! I've had the experience with mangos, oranges, pears, nectarines, but never apples. Jesse and I were gushing over the taste, the crispness, and the variety we got.

So here's what you really want to see, the kiddies.

We've made apple butter, apple sauce, and apple crisp. And we still have a bag left. The kids went crazy and picked around 40 pounds of apples. Which is a lot of apples, if you were wondering. I did my civic duty and also bought the farm's locally made apple cider and apple doughnuts. Super yum. Now we also have a bag of pears to deal with we got off a neighbor's tree. I wish I had everything to start canning the bounty.


  1. we have an apple tree right across from our house. It's our supply of apples in the Fall.

    I miss apple donuts from MA. I should try to make some.

    Miriam is tall, so,so,so tall what happened? was it all the apples?

  2. Oh my goodness the girls are getting SO OLD!!! Mmmm, apple donuts...MUST HAVE SOME NOW!

  3. I think she's on a little hill. but yeah, she's pretty tall. But also, G is kind of short.

  4. I so can't relate to people who don't like apples. Utah had some good tree grown apples. Too bad most of the orchards are now housing developments.


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