October 29, 2009

You Crafty Kittens

I got the idea from one of my cool Japanese craft books, Oyako de Hand-Made by Kimidori Inoue. Make a template of your hand in the shape of a mitten with a little seam allowance. You take an old sweater, and from the hem, cut out two mittens. From the sleeves, cut out kid's size mittens. Hem them on the machine, 1/2 inch or so. The velvet flowers are from Valhalla, I mean Walmart. I used a fab cashmere cowl neck sweater that was too short and too cowly. I got it at Salvation Army or Goodwill. From the picture, I can tell Kimidori also used an old sweatshirt and fleece to make mittens. What if I made fleece lined sweatshirt mittens? Fun. I'm pretty sure that we can't have too many pairs floating around here this winter.


  1. Cool. Again, you could sell them. (People always say that to me about tie dye, etc. Making things to sell is so not the same experience..

  2. I wholly agree. Very cool. It makes winter and cold weather so much more exciting :)

    P.S. So sorry we didn't get to stop in and see you guys for a bit. It would have been so much fun. Basically we're slackers and apparently really like to sleep in on vacation, well, i do at least...

  3. yes to mittens! i was just telling karen k about my first fall in provo. riding my bike to a 7:00am class with bare hands. for my birthday (november) pam bought me mittens and decorated them with embroidered flowers.

  4. Those are so cool! I'm not good at making time to sew or do crafts. I still need to make that back pack!


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