November 4, 2009

Cook Books I've Read This Week

I don't really think of myself as a foodie. I'm the type of person who watches the Food Network while eating a tv dinner. I do like food. I like to cook. I like to try new things. And I really like cook books.
I'm also liking that our library has been putting cookbooks on display right next to the checkout so I can grab them without having to haul my kid to nonfiction on the 2nd floor.

So here are my two latest finds:
Lobel's Meat Bible by the Lobel family of butchers in Manhattan. First of all, I plan on making a trip to their shop this Christmas time. They are a multigenerational butchering family and they take it very seriously. I'm not much of a meat eater. And ironically, I'll probably be eating it less since I've read this book. Most definitely, I will never buy ground meat again unless it's been ground fresh while I wait from one piece of meat. The recipes look amazing in the meat bible, but I really liked learning all the different cuts, and types of meat are available. I've been afraid of beef in the past, but no longer. The recipes look amazing, but I don't have any meat in my fridge right now, so I didn't try any.

The other book I read was Well-Preserved by Eugenia Bone. Oooh La! I am so inspired! I want a canner, and a pressure cooker, and I want to can my own artichoke hearts! Her recipes are for small batches, which is brilliant for small spaces or trying out a new fruit or veg. I really want to try smoking my own bacon. How cool would that be? I love that Bone gives directions for canning w/ a water bath, pressure cooker, smoking, preserving in oil, and freezing. The information is empowering. I've done jams and jellies, but not a lot of vegetable canning, and no meat. As soon as we settle down a bit, I'm going canning crazy. If only we were still in California where the produce is amazing.


  1. So wish I still lived by you because I would LOVE for you to teach me how to can!

  2. I just canned a bunch of pink applesauce today and it was so fun. I love canning and can't wait to see what you end up making.
    Smoking your own bacon? Wow. I'd love to see how that turns out.:-)

  3. So you can have the pressure cooker I bought last year at a garage sale for $5. I took it to the Master Canner's at OSU to have the guage checked. They said it was the most accurate of all they tested that day.

    I was going to can tuna but decided that it was too big of a job. Kathi Shaw has the right idea. she has 5 canners and can do it production style. I'll explain when I talk to you. So watch for canners that are at garage sales!!

  4. thanks mom. you always come through for me. Now, just keep your eye out for a water bath canner.

    Maren, we made pink applesauce and ate it! I wanted to can it, but can't get myself to haul the supplies all around the world with me. If we're here next year, I'm going to do a ton. Have you made applebutter? Pretty good stuff.

    Jackie, I wish we were there, too. It snowed today! Can you imagine? At least it didn't stick. Canning is super easy and really fun. You can start by making freezer jam next strawberry season. Sooooo easy. I've been wanting to make some marmalade, myself. Take advantage of the great food you get there. It's pretty pathetic up here.


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