April 17, 2010

Before the Next Holiday...

Who forgot to post Easter pictures?
Ooooh! Oooooh!
I bought way too much candy. I ate way too much candy. She really was thrilled to get her own chocolate bunny. She wondered how hard it must have been for the person who carved him out of chocolate.
I finally made wheat grass baskets.
They kept on giving as I'd mow them and put them in smoothies. The kids thought it was great. I thought it tasted kind of grassy.


  1. what a great idea. last year, i shredded paper from the recycling bin to make "grass" but it sorta looked like i filled the baskets with trash. oops.


  2. Awesome baskets, Bekah! I didn't do Easter baskets this year since Kadin's pretty little, but I hope I remember this idea for later! Time to get a little wheat grass in the diet. :) My mom would be proud!


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