April 4, 2010

New Crafty

Last trip to NY, Amy gave the girls these sweet penny round tile samples that they were thinking of using for their bathrooms. We thought about putting them in the dollhouse, but that would have been ridiculous. (We're already making a stone fireplace and foundation. We're crazy. We know.)

So while Jesse was mortaring the fireplace, I decided to affix the tiles to one of the our 4 kitchen carts (the one that spent a month outside de-smoking itself). So there weren't exactly enough tiles to cover the whole surface, so I tried to make it a touch artsy. I call it Order into Chaos or Vice
Versa (w/ border). I still need to seal it, but since its main function is to hold my kitchenaid, I think it'll be ok.

If anyone else has assorted penny round samples they're trying to unload, I have two other wooden kitchen carts and 3/4 box of mortar.


  1. I like that. I've never even attempted anything like that (mortar, tile, refinishing furniture). I'm very impressed.

  2. Bekah, it looks like you guys are thriving in Maine. I think it's so great that you guys have a ton of fun, no matter where you are.

  3. I LOVE that! Such cool tile and a good use for it. Your girls are darling. I can't believe how much they've grown up!


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