April 12, 2010

The Roller Coaster Moving Machine

UP- new friends, new church callings, new house to decorate. Maybe I can talk J into those chairs at Target
or a new couch.
A yard. A dishwasher.
New stomping grounds to explore.
We'll probably be closer to family.
We can go to DC and relive my childhood memories.
Where will we be next year?

- making friends is hard. and it takes time. i feel a little guilt about leaving our ward. it's tiny and really needs people.
i just barely started working out again. how will I do it by myself?
J's going to make me move that awful couch. again. And he'll probably try to make me get rid of my red chair.
what if our neighborhood is even worse?
what if they try to give me the one calling I hate. cub scouts. gag.
we'll just have to move in a year again.
finding a place is hard.
moving is hard.
where will we be next year?

1 comment:

  1. I've moved so much during my lifetime. I've never lived in a home that was mine (or my parents) so we've moved a lot and as much as I love the experience of change I hate the actual process of moving.

    How are the girls taking it?


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