May 19, 2010

Bachelorette Party

Here's a question for you. Bachelorette party. The bride to be has 3 kids, two with the groom. They live together. What gift can I give that will not totally embarrass me? The best I can think of is babysitting, but the oldest kid (15) does that. I'm leaning towards candles and lotion.

This will be my first, y'know. In Mormondom, we always call them bridal showers and give housey gifts. Or if you're a really good friend, sexy unders. Neither seem to make sense in this situation. Oh man. I'm a little nervous. Thank goodness my friend the preacher's wife is coming, too.


  1. A vibrator, and something with lace. If they have 3 kids and one is a teenager they could probably use it. If they don't want to use it they can at least appreciate the humor.

    Babysitting is nice too.

    If the vibrator thing is over the top get them a gift certificate to a spa that has private hot tubs for two.

    By the way, what a cool couple. What made them decide to get married?

  2. Generally, at every bachelorette party I've been to (one) and the ones I've seen pictures from (4), there were lots of gifts having to do with, um, male organs. Especially the refreshments.
    I think sexy lingerie is good in any case. Candles and lotion are nice, too.

  3. i've given a satin robe. it fits within the general theme but doesn't upset my poor puritan stomach.

  4. I ended up getting a nightie thing w/ matching unders. I thought it was cute, but if she doesn't, I got a gift receipt.


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