May 21, 2010


Friday, Friday. I'm so glad you're here.

Jesse took the kids to the bird sanctuary so that they can find willows. Then he is supposed to teach them to make fire by rubbing the willow sticks together. He's prepping for his History of Civilization class next year. He's planning a Pre-Modern Man day for his students so they can practice all these skills. As it's a men's college, he's pretty sure it will go over well.

I'm just glad I get a little break. I volunteered to chaperone M's field trip. Enormous headache. Seriously. 3 Advil later and I'm starting to feel a little better. It was fun in a "I will never ever, ever be a school teacher" kind of way. And I don't really want to start a "kids these days" thread, but really. Hello? Manners? My 5yo was way better behaved than some of M's classmates. Even using the bathrooms. It was a free for all in the girl's room. No orderly line, just CHARGE!

Anywho. It's the weekend. Recharge.

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