May 2, 2010

Nine Years

1st year- one honeymoon. 20plus waterfalls. 17 mile hike, one day. 2 lost toenails. 1 hitch hiker picked up. 1 night camping. 3 nights in a hostel with 1 shared bathroom.

2nd year- 2 months in japan, backpacking, with 6 month old baby. 13 mile hike, 1 day, 4 leaches (none on baby). 1 night in super nice hotel.

3rd year- 2 different apartments. 10 palmer cousins from the same 2 parents, just 40 miles away.

4th year- 9 months in taiwan. 1 baby girl born. lava hot onsen. river onsen. 1 crazy narrow road. 1 nissan sunny. 0 casualties (except maybe the sunny).

5th year- parents to 2 kids. 4pm trips to the beach. 8am family surf sessions. back home in california.

6th year- parents to 2 busy kids. preschool, play dates. sunday baseball. friends. weekly potlucks. we really are home.

7th year- 1 long flight to Japan. 5th floor apartment. 1 nasty bathroom. 3 houseguests. 2 long weekends w/o kids. yatsugatake. onsen. minshuku. matsuri.

8th year-1 trip to Hawaii. 1 perfect week. 1 flooded week. 1 crazy family reunion. 10 cousins.

9th year- 4 days on penobscot bay. 2 kayaks. quahog bay. acadia. just 10 months.

we were kayaking on our 9th anniversary. after we put the kids to bed, we started talking about our 9 years together and how much fun we've had. we have been to some amazing places and seen some of the most beautiful places on earth. I shall stay 'til my dyin' day with my whistlin' gypsy rover.


  1. Happy Anniversary Bekah! We miss you! I still check your blog.

  2. what a rich life! do you feel like the luckiest girl in the world? i always do.
    happy anniversary!
    i love G's self portraiture. she is so perfect! how can you resist kissing those cheeks all day?

  3. Sounds like a good time so far. Happy Anniversary and congratulations on Indiana.

  4. 9 years! congrats. you have had some great adventures. i'm glad we got to be even a small part of them.

  5. Thanks everybody. I've been surprised by how quickly the 9 years have gone by. I thought I'd be bored by now, but it just keeps getting more and more interesting. And fun, too!


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