May 8, 2010

Silly Me

Oy. You know when you do something stupid. Like...

*volunteer to set up the mother's day activity for primary so that all the workers can go to relief society and then...
*volunteer to give the mother's day talk because you usually hate those talks.
*eat a burger at the commons and have indigestion for the next 24 hours.
*commit yourself to the scout spaghetti dinner and an additional 24 hours of indigestion.

If you ever do something like that, it is good to have a husband who will take the kids on a craigslist errand and sporting goods shopping for 6 hours (while you write your talk) and then put them to bed that night. Then you don't feel quite so stupid. But you should still stay close to a bathroom. Just in case.


  1. WHAT??? You guys are moving to Indiana? Which school? And at what point were you going to talk to me about all of this?!?!

  2. You have been feeling quite generous! The first list is enough for me (actually, just the primary part is enough!), but to add in your upcoming move...Whew! What a woman!!!

  3. Sorry Megan! I'll email you now, but I knew you are moving, too. Maybe we'll follow you to or.

    Amber, thanks for the accolades. I need to get in moving gear, but I'm in total denial. Nothing is even close to being packed.

  4. Yeah, I don't volunteer. And no asks me to, because I'm the primary pianist (I've lost track of how many years I've done that calling), and I'm short enough that no one can see me back there, oh, and I walk home right after my job is done even though there's 15 minutes left of church. Sacrilege. I know.


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