June 10, 2010

Fake FUN Me

I don't know why I feel compelled to be FUN mom, especially when Jesse is away. Honestly, I'm not that fun. I'm much better at keeping us organized, fed, clothed, well functioning than entertained. I rely heavily on Jesse to keep us FUN.

Since he's backpacking this week, I took the kids on some excursions. I think I was too tired and solo parenting for them to be too much fun. The Children's Museum was kind of boring for me(I mean, there was no way I was fitting in that lighthouse). I did enjoy using my mad cash register skilz when I rang up the kids' fake food purchases (campus bookstore. woot! woot!) Of course, we left the museum in a tizzy. Something about getting a head stuck in between the bars of the ship's hold. I wasn't sure of the details, just that Mermaid, Monkey and the little boy they were playing with were all crying.

Mackworth Island could not be deemed a death march as 1.5 flat miles is merely a stroll. Especially w/ swinging benches and regular benches every 15 feet. Not to mention the fairy village in the middle. Monkey did hike the whole time because she knows there is no way I can carry her. So I guess that was good. Mermaid's breakdown at leaving before furnishing her fairy house was not fun. Oh well.
(notice the plethora of fairy houses in the background. It's like the woodstock of fairyville)

Today we took it easy. Went to the toy library, dentist (after flaking once again and rescheduling. hello? brain? are you there?), library, and got LaRoche's seafood for dinner, then gymnastics. LaRoche's does a clam/lobster bake for $15. A lobster, 10-15 clams, red potatoes, and corn. It's all take-out and you order ahead. Love it! Can you say amazing feast for so cheap? Crazy! Mermaid couldn't come close to finishing her meal (Monkey had my corn and pb&j), so I think I'll make a chowder with the leftovers. I feel really, really bad that we didn't do it when Amy was here. Totally flaked on her lobster meal. I'd bring one down, but cold lobster and clams sounds kind of nasty.
So, the kids are smiling in all the photos. Everyone is still mostly happy. Monkey claims to a) miss her daddy (there was a breakdown about missing him 5 minutes after dropping him off) and b) that I don't love her (because I limit computer time and do not cuddle her when she comes in my room at 6 am). Otherwise we are happy as...well, not those clams, but ones still safely in the mud.

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  1. I wish I liked shellfish more, because it kind of sounds good to me (although once I started it I'd probably regret it). I only like raw fish when it comes to food of the sea. And an occasional tunafish sandwich.


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