June 18, 2010

The Moving Equation

So, moving+pms+dieting= 2 lbs lighter, moderately pissy, swearing like a sailor (so far, just in my head).

Oh dear.


  1. Losing weight is just not fun. Even if that's what you want. :)
    So sorry about moving. I hate moving. And all the moving I've done in the last 5 years has been within the same mile.

  2. I'm loving all these "moving" posts you're doing. My thoughts exactly :) The only difference is that we're moving OUT of Indiana, and you guys are moving INTO Indiana. You poor souls. Just kidding! Well, mostly. The humidity SUCKS.

  3. oh man! moving again?!
    the housing is tearing down our buildings so we have to move to the other side of unit 4 (the same style different building) so its not too bad but still enough to make me swear like a sailor in my head too!! guh, not to mention a million other things going on for us too! ill update my blog soon so you can read all about it!
    anyways, i love reading about your adventures! its so exciting! i really wish we can move away from the so cal area (to somewhere more affordable!!!)


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