September 17, 2010

Funny Friday

Totally made my day. I was completely busting up. If you're not into bleeped f-bombs, then give it a skip. But if you're an snl fan/Jack Johnson fan, so funny. Made me think "I guess he really did go to Kahuku."


  1. omg, im so glad you posted that!! i love snl, but havent really had time to watch it much. this is great!!

  2. No Hulu in Brazil, no netflix either. I'm having Glee withdrawals and Enzo is having Kipper withdrawals, oh and youtube takes forever to load. No wonder everyone just watches novelas.

    I'll have to watch this when I get back.

  3. oh, and everytime I click on your name to post a comment on your blog it takes me to another one of your blogs then I have to go back to the palmer blog and to your profile and find this blog. Weird. Are you purposely redirecting traffic to another blog? It could just be explorer, or another internet quirk in in Brazil.


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