December 6, 2010

Good Weekend

Happy Monday!  There's snow on the ground.  The sky is blue.  Icicles hanging from the eves.  And I've finally put plastic on the window by the computer so it's just a tad warmer in my corner office.  

I had a great weekend where I was reminded what Christmas is really about.  I tend to forget.  And get crazy.  And cranky stressed out. 

So with a new attitude of love and service, I've been updating my Christmas card mailing list (which really should be done more than once every 10 years).  Sewing mittens for Baby M.  Felting sweaters for future craftiness.  And the laundry.  I just need to find the twine (again.  It's always getting lost.) so I can dress up the jam jars for the neighbors. 

How was your weekend?  Did you do something fun?


  1. I guess I'm not really a Christmas person. I like having time off, and I like people being around, but I can't get myself to put together some decorative touches.
    I've been thinking about what my present would be for the next 2 years though: a 5d Mark 2 and a couple of awesome lenses.
    That might be 5 years worth of present, though.

  2. That is one seriously nice camera. And yes, I think 5 years would suffice!


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