January 15, 2011

Finally! Some FUN in 2011!

It's hard to be FUN when everyone is sick.  Sick kids.  Not fun.  Sick Mom.  Not fun.  Sick Dad.  Definitely not FUN.  And then miraculously, everyone starts getting better! 

And we have FUN!  At Shades State Park.  Where they aren't collecting the usual $5 entrance fee because who in their right mind would want to tromp through the snow?  Us!  Our 1.2 mile hike took over two hours.  Obviously, we weren't going for speed. 

I love being outside, even if it is a little coldy.  I love my purple snow pants and lime green coat because they keep me warm and I will always be the first one found if we ever get lost.  I love all the winter gear we've accumulated that has made it possible to spend hours outside in brrr cold temperatures.

I love spending a Saturday doing this. 
Behind the falls on trail 2

Not this.
Last Saturday Mim slept until 5pm!

1 comment:

  1. glad you are getting out and about. it's really the best way to combat the winter blues. i've been wussy, but bo begs and begs to go outside, so we go and we have fun. i really want to be one of those people that enjoys winter, so i told tony that we are going snowboarding for my birthday, no excuses. we'll see how it goes.


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