February 2, 2011

I Hear It's That Short Month. The One With Candy.

Is it over? 
I mean January.
And Winter Storm Watch.
And Ice Storm Watch.
And school cancellations.

Besides the births of my first born and my life partner+.  I find January a highly over rated month. 
This monster storm (no Thunder Snow here.  bummer.)  was more annoying than monstrous.  It was kind of cool in a way. 
"It's raining ICE, Jesse."
"It's called sleet."
"No.  It's like little pieces of ice falling from the sky."

Until you have to use a pick ax to chip it off your car, it's neat in a not-used-to-winter-weather kind of way.
I miss our garage.  Let's get us one of those again.  They are an excellent idea.

School cancellations are great for one day.  You can do the homework you forgot about Monday night. 
The second day?  Yikes!  You kids are still here?  And why don't we have a television?
J came home for lunch so I went outside to shovel snow because there were too many people.  I kind of like my alone time during the day. 

From the call I got from the school today, it is indeed not January.  They told me that tomorrow is February 3rd and the kids are going to school (albeit after a 2 hour delay). 
Thank you robocall man. 

And the clear skies mean no snow.  Just really cold.  I can deal with that. 

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