February 11, 2011

My Funny Valentine

We have little affection for the holiday.  Our first Valentine's day, we broke up before.  (The one where Jake and Mighty got together and he gave her nun's orchids in a vase he made.  Swoon.)
Our next, we must have been engaged.  I have no memory of it.  I'm sure it was wonderful.
Last year, Miriam was baptized and we had a great dinner with my Mom and our family.  That was fun.
This year, he'll be in Wisconsin on a job interview.
So what to do?
Well, again, flowers seem odd as we're in the middle of a cold snap.  A bouquet of icicles, maybe. 
Chocolates?  Love 'em.  Really don't need 'em. 
Solution:  A subscription to The New Yorker Magazine (plus the free tote bag.  score.)  A present for both of us.  Isn't it romantic?


  1. I'm telling you, I'm over giving/getting gifts for every holiday. Hand picked flowers and vase and food are completely necessary, of course. We already decided that instead of Christmas gifts, we're giving ourselves a vacation.
    Self gifts seems smart to me. I must recommend an on-line subscription to Cook's Illustrated. I use it almost every day, and I'm addicted to instructional videos and kitchen equipment reviews.

  2. I'm suddenly remembering something about Jesse putting poetry on the sidewalk for you? At TVA? Or something like that. On the sidewalk. ??? Fill us in.

  3. i've been wanting a new yorker subscription too. although, i figure i'll wait until i might actually have time to read it, which is not now. i think a card, a special treat, a poem, a kiss, or just an something that you wouldn't normally do makes all the difference (the NY subscription fits in that category). some people are natural romantics, but for the rest of us it takes a holiday to get us motivated.

  4. I think that would be Kurt's preferred Valentine's gift too.


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