February 17, 2011

This Week in IN

J's home from his interview in Wiscansin.  He said it went well.  Will we be cheeseheads? I tried to explain the concept of a cheesehead to the kids, but they didn't believe me.  I guess we tease them often enough that they're suspicious.  (Really.  Who would wear a piece of cheese on their head?  Do we look stupid, Mom?)

The weather has been weirdly warm.  Spring like.  The snow has almost all melted into a muddy mess.  A big boo to global warming!  I'm afraid my bulbs are going to think it's time to appear only to be frozen dead.  

If you want a mess, try figuring out if you're a resident, non resident, or part time resident.  The taxes this year really make me hope we don't move again for a very long time.  I'm very confused trying to figure it all out.  I see why people have it done professionally.  It's really easy when you only have to fill out the EZ form.  Then it gets really crazy really fast.

And after this week hiatus, I have a few posts up my sleeve.  Well, they're still in my camera because the pictures haven't been downloaded.  But if I could pull them out of my sleeve, I would.

I'll leave you with a picture of me.  I still eat my cake like that. A big thanks to my Dad who scanned and downloaded all of these great pictures. 


  1. taxes in AS are equally difficult. Especially when I still have to pay HI taxes. Also especially when we moved here and I had to pay OR, HI and Federal. It really does get crazy really fast.

    My mom and Robbie have been scanning old photos like crazy. It's the best thing ever. That's a cool pic of you!

    Here's to your chances of cheeseheadedness!

  2. hope you get the job. wow. check out kay as a sexy brunette. cute or what? also you are cute eating cake.

  3. Eph, I'm so sorry. Are you like me and have a secret fear of being audited? I mean, guarans I've screwed up somewhere.

    Thanks Pam. I do, too. Kay was quite the hottie!

    And I have to add that J didn't know what a chessehead was either! We googled pics of Packers games for him to see.

  4. Wisconsin is where it's at with it's champ team and it's radical protests that's been going on this week in tiny little Madison, which by the way is such a cute and alternative place you'll love it.

    Remembering people's birthday's is my job. Taxes is Christian's job. I always politely suggest getting it professionally done but since I'm totally unwilling to do them I let him have the final say, which always is him doing it himself. This year the MA Gov found us. Apparently we did our Taxes wrong in 2004. We owed them $120 (something like that) but since it had been 6 years since they were trying to track us down we ended up paying over $500. Ouch! Then we got a notice from the Feds that said that we didn't claim our earned income credit for 2010 so just last week we got a $750 check in the mail. Yay. I guess it all evens out. This year we're getting way more than I thought possible but then I was talking to a friend and she has the same number of kids like us, around the same income but is making even more money in tax returns, so now I'm tempted to bring up the "lets have this professionally done" talk again.

    By the way what's the name of the town where you guys might move to?


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