July 27, 2011

A New Home

We're here, we're here!  At home in Wisconsin!  I'll take some pictures tomorrow in the sunlight and show you our new house. 

But for now, here's the quick and dirty version.

We moved in last Monday after signing away our children's inheritance.  Good news is that our payment is affordable.  Yay for low interest rates! 

Especially since the a/c broke on Wednesday, the hottest day of the year.  If you live in Verano, give those maintenance workers a wistful smile from me.  I miss them.  So much.  I like our guys here a ton.  But I'm not too fond of the check I have to write whenever they come over. 

We love the house.  It's really perfect for our little family (and whoever wants to come to WI for a visit).  Not loving the mice in the basement, but hoping that if there are any more they'll either move on or meet their end trying to get that last lick of peanut butter off the trap. 

Everything else is of course perfect!  Well, not really.  But we're working on it.  We should be old pros at moving.  Instead we're bumbling around forgetting important things like feeding our kids (thank you new neighbors who took care of that not once, but twice.)  Enrolling the kids in school, registering our car, putting up pictures.  All in good time.  For now, we sit in the sunroom (because it's the only room with enough furniture to seat us all)  licking our popsicles (since the a/c only got fixed yesterday), staring at a blank wall (no pictures up) or reading a book (we did get library cards!).  Perfect!


  1. So glad you like your digs. We miss being on your itinerary though. Love, K & M

  2. You made it!!! I can't wait to see pictures. Can I send my kids over to your house to watch you guys read. All they care about is techy stuff. Which is weird, because while we don't read we're not techy. It's so annoying.

  3. You guys deserve a prize for putting the most miles in your car/gas expenses/driving as long as you did with children. I guess a new house could be that prize. Speaking of house I loved your mom's house, I LOVED IT! I wish Pete was my big brother. I was totally lame and didn't take a single picture of our quick time with them. I was too busy sitting in the back porch talking to your mom and Pete to think about pictures. But now I feel bad, I should have taken a picture of all of us together or at least of us in the front of the house to show off the paint job. I bet your house in Wisconsin will be rockin'. You and Jesse put all of us to shame with your handy work. And don't think no one will visit you guys because we're already planning our visit-family-trip when we come back from Brazil. As for Brazil you guys are welcome to visit us too. We'll have enough room, just don't expect a cool house, just a cool location.

  4. Yes, post pictures soon! Bummer about the mice and the A/C but great about low payments.
    Who needs an inheritance anyway?
    If you have any money at all when they grow up, it'll work against you when they're trying to go to college anyway. Ha.

  5. Nice to hear you're moved in! WE had good luck with glue traps as long as you know where their main traffic routes are. Can't wait to see pictures of the new house.

  6. post pictures! i'm so curious. glad you're getting more or less settled.

  7. Where in WI are you?! I'm from there & I miss it & I'm going back in 2 weeks! So great to see you guys are well! I followed your link from Rena's blog and it is nice to see that are well. Your house is darling!!! I also see that we now share a small pining of Verano life... we should form a club. We could call it, "Verano, where life wasn't exactly perfect, but it was darn close." Has a certain ring to it, no?


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