December 17, 2011

We are in Hawaii

And I'm finally updating my blog!  It has been a crazy couple of months.  Once we finally got settled in Wisconsin, we came on an extended vacation to Hawaii.  We're loving our time here with friends and family.  The kids love Pounders.  Miriam has made two trips to Wailele already.  We had so much fun with Kaity and family.  And we stopped by to see the turtles at Lani's.

I had an exciting week applying to grad school.  I've been thinking about it for a couple of years but this trip cemented the deal.  I'm going to library school (if they accept me!).  I'm hoping to study academic librarianship and music librarianship.  Did you know they even existed?  I'm planning on studying full time.  It should make life totally crazy, but in a good way.  I'm pretty lucky to have such an awesome supportive husband.

It's good to be back in blogland!  More updates to come...


  1. Wow, Hawaii sounds lovely right now! I think you'll love being in school. I'm just so glad you're able to do it.

  2. Ah Pounders Beach, we honeymooned there at the apartments your Mom suggested and LOVED it! Oh how we'd love to be in Hawaii instead of freezing cold Oregon :)Hope ya had fun!


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