March 24, 2007

Meet my Percocet

Jesse has a new ACL and the dr. gave him a whole bunch of painkillers. Unfortunately, he forgot to give me anything. So I'm self medicating with grasshoppers. And the chocolate chip cookies Brooke brought over. And the chocolate rice crispy treats I made on Tuesday. And the chocolate joe-joes on top of the fridge. And the triple chocolate klondike bars I got today.

But Brooke did my dishes today while I read the New Yorker. And Peter did the dishes yesterday while I just sat. And Lenna brought me dinner on Thursday. And Peter and Christi on Friday. And I ate enough grasshoppers and chocolate chip cookies tonight so I didn't need dinner today. I have great friends.


  1. You make me laugh. Serious. I just had an outright, outloud giggle.

  2. Yum, those are a favorite of mine, too. Those are the pick-me-ups I use during the kids' naptime!


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