March 28, 2007

On being Mormon (or not)

I've been intrigued by my friend's posts on leaving the Mormon church and being told she is "not Mormon".

I try to be a fairly organized gal, and I've always had a hard time picking a label for my friends and family who have left the church. How do I even describe them to others? And why do I have so many?

Sometimes I categorize them as "friends who have left the church." But it's such a mouthful. I've never thought of them as non-Mormon. There is too much Mormon culture that seeps into our everyday selves to be permanently rid of it.

Whatever their beliefs or non-beliefs, I am unable to categorize them out of my sphere. They are my friends and family first.

Here are some labels that I can live with: brother, sister, garden friend, work friend, high school friend, cousin, book group friend, family friend, neighbor, church friend.

And my friend who is coming back to the church after 10 years or so? Well, he has his own category.

1 comment:

  1. I hate it when I talk to someone about a friend and I get interrupted with the question "is she a member?"

    It bugs- friends are friends are friends! You are so right to put your relationship before judgement! They are lucky to have you around as a true friend while they go through their personal changes.


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