April 7, 2007

laughing time

My kids are huge fans of Signing Time. I have this ridiculous fear that we'll be in Utah at some public space and see Leah and my kids will sign and scream "LEAH! LEAH!" Especially my 2 year old. She watches their videos over and over and has a pretty good signing vocabulary. My kids don't really know primary songs, but they can sing Signing Time's opening song.

I've been glad to have the videos since I've learned a lot of signs, too. Thanks to the videos I can kind of talk to a friend who is deaf.

And many thanks to the Newport Beach Public Library for stocking a lot of the dvds. I love that library.


  1. I was just there today and picked up a bunch of Bill Peet's stuff. We also ventured into the new Children's "Sun & Sea" Garden. I love reaping the benefits of living close to rich people.

  2. I just run in and out of the library as fast as I can before the kids can pull too many books off the shelves! Good to know about the Signing Time dvds. I have heard of the show but never seen it.


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