March 14, 2007

Spring is here

In orange county, at least. My car smells like poo, which is good and bad. It means I bought steer manure to begin prepping the soil. But it also means that it's still in my car on a warm spring day. I'm waiting for my backup so I can haul it to the garden. While getting the poo, I picked up some lovely flowers and planted them around my patio. Miriam designed and planted one of the pots.

I also picked up some alyssum so I can do some stealth gardening tomorrow am. Alyssum is very hardy and bunnies detest it. It also spreads quite a bit. These wonderful attributes make it ideal for stealth landscaping. I'm very excited because it feels so illicit.

I planted a window box with mesclun mix and it has started to sprout. There is so much hope and anticipation in gardening. It feeds my creative spirit. I'm looking forward to planting an herb garden for my mother in law this summer.

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