March 16, 2007

What the H E double hockey pucks!!

Jesse and Miriam were rough housing last night. Then for no reason, Jesse threw a pillow at Miriam. "What the hell?" She yelled at him.

J told me what happened later that night and we laughed so hard. I'd just like to say that this one is definitely Jesse's doing. I never say that. I'm more the one word expletive kind of gal. And I tend to say it under my breath if the kids are around.


  1. So, what's your expletive of preference?

  2. A very emphatic sh**. I've been also known to throw out the f-bomb bi-annually or so. "Hell in a handbasket" is also one I picked up from my dad. Should I go on?

  3. Yeah. I mean, no. I mean, yeah, as it, "I get it. You can stop now." My reflex swear is Damn(it)! (should I have censored that?)

    My grandma used the phrase "little sh**" once in a while when she got mad. I remember she said it once when she was telling a joke and a girl sitting nearby gave away the punchline. Hahaha.

  4. Can I just say I never really swore until I had a baby. OK, usually I don't still, out loud, but I do in my mind lots. The first time was when Caleb was a newborn, I so tired, and he woke up when he was supposed to be asleep. "Sh..."


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