March 17, 2007


Yesterday we went out. On a date. Really. I know, even I could hardly believe it. We were going to go to the library and look at movies without kids running circles in the lobby. (they really do this. They're fine in the kids' area, but go berserk in the lobby.) Anyway, they closed early.
So what to do in CDM? We finally checked out Bliss Linens where two of Jesse's cousins work.
Quin (female) is a salesperson and Steven is a decorator. We've never been in because we've always had the kids. The main buyer/decorator travels to Europe and sends crates of goodies home. Anyway, this picture is a room he put together. The main designer picks the linens, and then he accessorizes. I have such a talented family. Did I mention that everything costs an arm and a leg? It's fun to look, though.

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