April 9, 2007

When girls grow up

"I want to be a seaweed catcher and my friend in Santa Barbara, her friend,"
"Yeah, Sophie. She wants to be a tooth fairy, but she doesn't have wings so she just flaps her arms."
"What does Dara want to be?"
"She wants to be a rock star."

Miriam spent the afternoon at Laguna Beach catching seaweed from the ocean, hence her new occupational goals.

Dara is my sister in law's neighbor. I want to write a blog about her, but I have to get a picture of her first. She's a combination of the hecklers in the Muppets and Rapunzel. She's Miriam's best friend in Santa Barbara. I wish I had a best friend wherever I went.


  1. I've not yet heard of being a seaweed catcher, but it sounds kind of romantic and mermaid-y. And wet. When I was little I wanted to be a piano teacher in the winter and an author/fashion designer in the summer, while I lived in a cabin on Mt. Timpanogous. One out of three ain't bad?

  2. So awesome. I think I'd be good at those careers too. And since I still don't really know what I'm going to be when I grow up, thanks for the ideas!


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