June 18, 2007


It's totally stressful, everyone has done it, it still sucks. Here are the hilarious parts of our move

-I spent 2 hours cleaning our carpet today. As Jesse was returning the carpet cleaner to Jana, Gwyn peed on said carpet.

-We moved our furniture out to clean the carpet. Tonight with the carpet dry, we went to put it back in only to find our IKEA Poang chair is missing. Someone thought we were giving it away. We put a sign out for its return, but no big loss. We did get it out of the dumpster originally.

-Jesse said "maybe you should make new covers for the couch cushions. They look really bad." hm. We are leaving in 46 hours. I don't think so.

-We found the Christmas cards we didn't send. If anyone wants one, they have our picture and are pre-signed by Jesse.

-I found the cord to the sewing machine I donated. After I donated it, of course.

Here's a list of things I can't believe we're taking to Hawaii:
35 pounds in diving weights
3 super bouncy balls
1 nasty baby doll with blue pen hair (other nasty blue haired baby doll was rescued from trash by Caleb, friend of Gwyneth, on the condition that baby doll is hid when we go to their house tomorrow.)
1 bag of books(it's still not completely clear to me why we aren't sending them)

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  1. That is really funny about Gwen peeing on the floor. The night before we left our apartment, when all we had were sleeping bags and duffle bags, Wes puked on the floor. We didn't even have towels or cleaner to clean it up. But luckily we have (had) helpful neighbors like Nancy! Aparantly it didn't stink because the people who came in to check to make sure we had cleaned it couldn't believe how clean it was!


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