July 18, 2007

Papparazzi Opps

Lindi-O would be so proud of me. She's the best star finder I've ever known, spotting them at D-land almost every time. Well move over Lindi and make room for me! Ok, so it was only once, but I was pretty proud of myself. And would you be looking for Jack Johnson at swimming lessons at the BYUH pool? So his kid takes the private lesson before Gwyneth, they share a teacher.

Amy also spotted Rob Lowe at the kayak rental place in Kauai. He's super skinny.

So here's some etiquette questions. What would you do? I'd love a picture to post here, but I'm also shy. I noticed that both guys seemed to like talking to the fans, I guess you don't really get into the business if you're shy. I played it cool with both guys, seeing as I'm not a huge Rob Lowe fan and I would want my privacy. The crowd at the pool was pretty cool, actually. They were all people who went to school with Jack anyway.

PS-Gwyn's a better swimmer!!

1 comment:

  1. That's too cool. Tell us when you have a conversation with Jack about your cute kids.

    p.s. I had some of your blackberry jam today. It was yummy and I missed you.


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