August 31, 2007


We've been with the Tano part of the family this week. I'm on a borrowed computer, so when I get back on one of ours, I'll put some photos up.

The Tano family got together at the coast, all except Jesse. I have some very cool sisters-in-law. I'm not quite sure how my brothers got such amazing women to marry them, but well done. The kids played at the beach and the bravest surfed. Bone chilling is the only way to describe the water temperature. Oregon is beautiful. I know the weather will get miserable in a couple of months, but for now, it's delightful.

Ben, Yuki, K, Mim, and I floated the Umpqua river two days ago. It's so much fun, I just might do it again. I only wish Jesse could have been there to see Miriam jump off a rock by herself, swim in the river alone (with life vest), and watch me paddle through sunburn alley in a mere 20 minutes.

I just got tickets for the girls and I. We'll arrive in Japan on Sept 12, a week earlier than scheduled. We're feeling a little incomplete sans papa. Thank you Cannells for allowing the reunion to happen a week earlier. We'll be staying with them until our house opens up. The girls are slamming doors, and perhaps running around the backyard. I hate bedtime, and hate it even more when I have to do it.


  1. Makes me miss Oregon. I love the rivers there. We always floated down the rogue but I've been to Umpqua Falls a couple of times. Pretty fun!

  2. Sure do miss you guys. It's nice to keep up to date on things. Best wishes in Japan.


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