September 5, 2007

Dark Brown #30

I knew that one day this would happen. Even six months ago, I thought it was far off. But Sienna's wedding was coming up, and I didn't feel like being the salt and pepper in law. I did it again yesterday. That makes twice. I anticipate that three months from now, I'll have to do it again. (do they have dark brown #30 in Japan? I'm going to say yes.)

How does it feel? Great, actually. Just about everyone if my family is mostly gray by 40, and I'm just not ready for that. I have no qualms about fighting it. Or at least delaying the inevitable. I might as well take advantage of this window where I can use the cheap dye and don't need highlights. (Which I can't really afford.)

Neither my mom or my brother noticed anything different. Same thing happened last time. It's just momentous for me.

ps I'm whitening my teeth, too. Such vanity. Or maybe it's taking pride in my work. Just because stay at home moms don't get a lot of respect doesn't mean I have to look less than my best. Right?


  1. from your younger sister-in-law who has WAY more grays than you....
    You are absolutly right mom's need pampering and we need to feel good about ourselves. You have great hair. I think you should stick with solid color, highlights always look funky.

  2. Ok, I have never noticed the greys. I have a few too. I'm sure they catch the sun and stand out, but I don't have enough yet to justify dyeing. My mom, however was completely grey by 35. We'll see what happens.
    Ok, does whitening your teeth make your teeth really sensitive? I had to stop because I could hardly eat anything.
    It's alright about the vanity. Someday I want a boob job. That's vanity that just tops the cake right there.

  3. Meg, I can't even imagine you with fake boobs. It would be really weird, but hey, if you want em, go get em. I swear the grays have gone crazy these last 6 months. My teeth aren't totally sensitive, but I was happy with the result after only 5 days, so I stopped. I got the 14 day one, so it must be weaker.

  4. you mean, you can't imagine me with boobs. Period. Right?


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