September 8, 2007

Big Backyard

The Backyardigans

I love these guys. Thanks to Amy for introducing me to my new favorite singing sensation. I love the songs, love the lyrics, love that kids are singing all styles of music. Hearing Miriam sing these songs makes my heart happy.

I also love that everything happens in the backyard. Do you remember your backyard when you were growing up? I remember the one in Arlington being forever huge. And even the backyard in Provo had areas that we didn't go because it was just too far away! Whenever I ran away, it would be to the side yard, under the lilac bush. What are your memories of your backyard?


  1. We had a two acre city park/field just across the fence from our backyard. It was my real backyard. We made tunnels and houses in the blackberry bushes and my forts in the cat tail bushes. We also played in the irigation ditch. Nasty!

  2. My backyard was a whole mountainside! There was an orchard, a barn, a field of alfalfa, and a treehouse at the base of the mtn. We didn't play in the irrigation ditch, but only because it was too close to the hwy. Wow, how lucky I was and I didn't even know it. My poor kids don't even have a back porch. Makes Verano seem spacious (the outdoors anyway). Oh well, maybe someday...
    PS I miss you too Bekah! My solo walks just aren't as theraputic.


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