September 8, 2007


Plumerias by Adam make me miss Hawaii. I'm a little sad since it will be quite some time until we come back.

On other notes, the girls are excited to see Daddy. They're especially excited to get their new toys, games, and coloring books. Miriam counts down the days until we go on the airplane. Did I mention that Miriam cut her bangs off? Yep, right before we go to the most image conscious city in the world.

Speaking of which. Is there any way to trick our neighbors into believing we're not trailer trash?
I could:
a) only wear tye dyes in the house,
b)brush (maybe even style?) the girls' hair before they leave the house (note: buy headbands to cover M's non-existent bangs for next 3 months),
c) make sure said children's shoes, socks, pants/skirt, and shirt all match,
d) wear nylons (note to self. purchase nylons.)
e) lose about 35 pounds
f) never mind. At least we bathe regularly.


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  2. remember when Ada came to Hawaii with short bangs during christmas? Short angs are totally in!!! I cut my bangs off (shaved the off, actually) when I was 12. At least she's 5 and can get away with all sorts of things. Oh, we also feel pretty trashy since we check the free bin the in laundry room about 20 times a day before the cleaning person comes and takes everything away.


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