October 31, 2007

Happy Haroween

Yeah, I thought I'd be able to get out of it, too. Until I found out about the stake party and got invited by the Youchien moms to go trick or treating tonight.

So, what can I get at the hyaku-en store? Cat ears, eyeliner...Perfect. Two black cats. One was supposed to be a witch, but the hyaku-en shop sold out. Can you believe it?

The streets were packed with kids lining up for FREE CANDY!! Who cares if you can't really say "Trick or Treat"! It's all about the free candy.
Growling Kitties at home. I like these kind. No allergies.

Some of the kids from school.

Oh. And remember how our neighborhood is so posh and always getting filmed? One of the houses we trick or treated at was a famous comedian/tv star's. Jesse mentioned to some of the moms how we thought it was funny and we were probably passing celebrities all the time and having no clue. They laughed and said "yeah. one of the moms at school is a famous actress. s's mom. She just did a coffee commercial." Right. OK, I'm not even sure who S is. I'm assuming his mom is one of the ones who always looks good. I could be wrong, though. Maybe Yuki can come with me to pick up M some day and let me know.

On a completely other note...I have a case of coffee flavored soy milk that I need to pawn off on someone. Any suggestions? Illiteracy can cost you. Thought it was just soy milk. I also have a package of miso I don't think I ordered with my last grocery delivery, but was in my groceries. Jesse noted that they could be seriously fleecing me. Yup.


  1. Wait...so you went trick or treating at people's actual houses, or at the stake center? Seeing that it's Japan, the former is a new one for me ...when did people start doing that?

    Coffee flavored soy milk. Yuck.

  2. Yes, actual houses. I live in gaijin land.

    Tokyo has an English stake. The party was at the Hiroo building by the temple.

    At first I thought it was mugicha flavored. But it was really strong and didn't taste good at all. Thanks to J, I know the katakana for ko he now.


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