November 1, 2007

Mission Complete

On the way home from dropping of Agent M to school, Agents B and G located above pictured dark blue Poang chair cover. Agent J had been trying to talk Agent B into sewing a new cover (though she doesn't have a sewing machine, thread, cloth, etc). Agent B quickly ascertained that said chair cover, though on top of its broken frame, was in excellent condition. However, the cushion was in a conspicuous area, heavily traveled by high school students, elementary school students, and Agent M's classmates and their mothers. Agent B ran home, but Agent J had already left. What if someone else took it? When did the trash men come? Time was of the essence. Agent B and Agent G would do it alone...

In the land of packaging, Agent B quickly found a bag large enough to hold the cushion. Bike would be the best mode of travel. She rode past the spot. The cushion was still there, but ahead was a mom from school. Agent B smiled, waved and rode past the spot, looking down the street for more moms. They were gone. Agent B turned around, parked the bike, leaving Agent G as a lookout. Agent B folded said cushion into thirds and jammed it into the bag. It took a bit longer than expected, and several witnesses passed. At the crosswalk, Agent B met up with the mom again, but the evidence was in the bag. Agents B and G arrived home safely. Will report to Agent J when he arrives home. Expect Agents B and G will receive commendation. Mission Accomplished.


  1. Congratulations agent! Are you going through sewing withdrawals? By the way, love the glamour shot.

  2. how did you get your poang chair to japan? was it ikea flat packing magic?number5

  3. There are actually a couple Ikea stores here. We got the chair at a garage sale, though.


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