October 10, 2007

I'm it

I like this voluntary tagging.
Ten years ago: I was in Wautaga, Texas with Jamie Lynn Huntsman my first companion. Jamie had gone into remission from leukemia and decided to go on a mission. She is one of my heroes. She died shortly after I returned from my mission.

Five years ago: We had just started our journey as graduate students. We lived in San Juan Capistrano (that's a whole other post) and Jesse commuted while I cleaned the ginormous house we were house sitting. M was just 8 months old, crawling and the hugest cutest baby ever! (until G, of course)

One year ago: In good old Irvine. Started taking the kids to Disneyland (now they wonder why we don't go here. Hello, it's sooooooo expensive. And that's just the train ride to get there!). M had Joyschool twice a week with the twins, and girls from the other stake. G was 1 almost 2. Jesse was getting ready to take his exams. That sucked!

Yesterday: Went to Costco with new friend Kara who is childhood friend of sister in law Amy. Small world? Better believe it. Been eating Kirkland chocolate covered raisins like they might disappear tomorrow. At this rate, they have 2 weeks. Major disappointment was no mini wheats. Breakfast has been a battle with G who is a bit finicky in the am.

5 snacks I enjoy: m&m's, chocolate covered raisins, half frozen lychee (absolutely delicious), frosted senbei, korean style seaweed (sesame oil and salt. yum)

5 things I would do with a million dollars: repaint our apartment, pay off Pam's house, buy an electric bike, go to Portugal again, put the rest in the bank.

5 places I would run away to: Alaska, UK, Papua New Guinea, Greenland, Antarctica

5 tv shows I like: The Office (too bad I haven't seen any of this season since NBC won't let you watch if you're out of the states. I'm not bitter. I'm just plain angry!), Anything free on itunes, Arrested Development, Let's Learn English

5 Things I hate doing: washing dishes, leaving friends, putting kids to bed, watching M look lost at school, feeling guilty.

Biggest Joys of the Moment: M is learning to read! We're on lesson 24 of Teach your child to read and there are fewer tears and way more successes! I have an oven. I have a washing machine in my apartment. I'm making friends. Life feels like it's almost normal again.

You're tagged! If you want.

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  1. Yeah!!! You finally made a trip to COSTCO!! Sorry you couldn't find mini wheats, but you got there at least.

    Also happy for M learning to read. It was amazing to see your girls sign as well.

    By the way, did you find the 10 sec movies I put on You Tube? (You can find the URLs on the comment I wrote on "Matsuri"


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