October 10, 2007

Everything Miffy?

Ok, I found this site while I was googling "Miffy fishcake." Right. So first, the site is of a lady in Hawaii who makes an intricate bento every day. She's pretty amazing. M would be in heaven if I could make a bento half as fun as these are.

And second, the Miffy fishcake. This Christmas, Amy found some Miffy-ware at Marukai and said that "she loves everything Miffy." Now, I want to know if that means everything. Including the Miffy fishcake that I will be purchasing this next week. Yes, it's fishcake that when sliced is adorable Miffy smiling from your bento. M put in a special request for said fishcake, and at only 168 yen, (about $1.50) how could I deny her. I can't find an image online for you, but just use your imagination. Usual round fishcake is white, with a little pink. Just imagine a slice of fishcake with Miffy's kawaii image on it. Ta-da. There you have it. And in just two weeks (that's how long it will take to order it from the co-op deli grocery delivery service) it will be in M's bento.


  1. Here's an image of Micky and Minnie's fishcake. Helping to get some pictures in anybody's mind?


    And here's the miffy's.


    Even though everything is written in Japanese, pictures are worldwide, right?

  2. I meant Mickey when I typed "Micky"...
    I put the URL just as an example to see the picture, and ended up finding the right one(the Miffy's).
    Now I read what I wrote, feeling extremely shame... Nothing makes sence. gomen-ne...

  3. I love the miffy fishcake. so cute. I have the hardest time coming up with lunches, I should start making bentos.


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