November 15, 2007

10 Good Things on a Not So Good Day

Good Things

1. Sweetened condensed milk flavored popsicles. Yum. A definite score from Co-op (said ko-poo)
2. Autumn leaves, crispy air, blue skies, 60 degree weather. Perfect.
3. Cooler temperatures mean my fingers have lost the summer sausage look so I can wear my Wedding Ring!
4. Found the cutest Christmas dresses for the girls thanks to Designmom and Leila & Ben. Ordered them, and thank goodness they ship internationally for a reasonable rate!
5. Am getting my hair cut tomorrow. Last time was right before Sienna's wedding. Just in time for their 5 month anniversary. Yikes, been awhile.
6. Fab dinner tonight. Rosemary chicken, mashed potatoes, spinach, and chicken gravy.
7. USB phone WORKS!!!!!! So now you can Skype me! (Just remember the time difference, por favor)
8. Saw Jared's L's new twins from the webcam. I'm jealous. They are delicious.
9. Looked at Nohea's Etsy Store. I found these earrings which I think I adore. Is there a cousin discount? (these are on her store)
10. It's almost bedtime!

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