November 16, 2007

Bento III

I'm getting faster and more proficient at making Obento. I'm out of carrots, so the orange color is missing. The fried concoction is cheese filled chicken nuggets that I get from Co-op. They're frozen and you just have to fry them in the morning. It's an incredibly unhealthy shortcut, but I no longer wake up at 6 to make chicken katsu. My cucumber flowers are getting nicer. I also got some precut nori from Co-op. They're shaped like animals, flowers, cars, etc. I put one on each side for the girls. My friend Kara gave me the triangle shaped onigiri press. It's so tech. The inside is textured so that the finished onigiri doesn't stick to the press. Stay tuned...


  1. I can't even get my kids to eat rice! Those are so cute!

  2. wow, i just ate and i'm feeling hungry for those bento. there's something to well arranged food that makes it so appetizing.


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