November 7, 2007


I went to the temple tonight and was grateful for all the hard things that people did for me to make my time there pleasant. It was especially sweet since sometimes I feel like just being here in Japan is hard. It was uncomfortable for them to speak English, but they did it. Kind.

G's been calling me Mommy-chan or Mommy-yo. She claims to speak Japanese if you ever ask her about it. She does speak some sort of jibberish with Japanese intonations though. Very odd.

I'm Jesse's new dissertation buddy. We miss RJohn.

We went to the zoo today. Will post pics tomorrow. I'm trying to be FUN in TOKYO. Instead of BLOGGER MOM, get off the COMPUTER! M wanted to go to the museum there. 2 tired kids in an art museum. 1 adult. NOT FUN.

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