December 15, 2007

Mochi Party

After dragging M to school today, and then realizing I had pretty much forgotten EVERYTHING I was supposed to bring (cups, chopsticks, empty bento boxes, etc), I went home, cried my frustration out, then trooped back with a desperate note to Jesse to save me ASAP. He, Amy, and Ez went to watch am sumo practice. He did come. In time to pound some mochi, hold G, make small talk, and pretty much save me. We all had mochi for lunch. Salty with nori, sweet with peanut powder, and sweet with azuki beans. And pickled vegetables. I think that winter would be VERY LONG for me back in the day. The mochi was good, but it just sits like a sticky stone in your gut.

Jesse saved me again in the afternoon, letting me nap away my exhaustion. And of course he cleaned while I slept. LOVE HIM!

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