December 15, 2007

Nihon Minka-en

When we were here 5 years ago and M was a wee tot, we visited the Nihon Minka-en. We've been looking for an excuse to visit it again, and Amy was IT! It was better than ever since the kids enjoyed it as much as we did. This is THE BEST museum for kids because it's a huge park. 23 old farmhouses were taken from their original sites and brought here. In some of the houses, docents hang out by the fire pit waiting to talk to visitors. Perfect on a drizzly day. So beautiful.J loves the curved and crooked crossbeams in the houses.

The white window above the door (hard to see) is also the winter door when the snow is 10 feet deep. Um...COLDIE.

The straw around the house is to keep the snow off the house during the winter.

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