January 13, 2008

My lips love...

Megan's goal to wear makeup reminded me that I wanted to post about this lipstick Amy gave me last Christmas. I actually like it enough to get another color, even though it costs $20 ( I have the color pictured).

The selling point...it stays on forever. REALLY. I mean forever. As in I'm wiping off residue on my towel the next day. I don't reapply the lip gloss portion, just slap some carmex on when the lips get a little dry. I want to get another color that's not quite so bold, better for everyday. It's called MAC Pro Longwear, by the way.


  1. woah you should be a sales person you do a good job describing. Same goes for the target bags and the Japanese book bag you got M. Makes me want to get these fun things. I guess I'll wait till they appear on freecycle.

  2. I think shopping is the national past time of Japan, as well as eating out. Since we don't eat out that much, I have been working on the first. I'll scout the flea markets for handbags for us.


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