January 15, 2008


Christmas this year was full of gifts and giving. We bombarded the kids with dolls, ponies, doll house furniture, blocks, and art supplies. M decorated a dollar store box for Jesse. She pasted pictures of onsen and flowers and a picture of Jesse with her. We enjoyed the gift of time with family. The gift of cousins. Giving the kids so many gifts was especially fun because they didn't ask for any of them except the ponies. Until we opened presents Christmas morning, the whole focus had been on celebrating the birth of Christ and giving.

The gifts Jesse chose for me have been amazing. We thought my ipod died, so he got me a nano (the old one resurrected at the mac store. Go figure.) M listens to stories when we have long train rides. Sometimes G listens along, and sometimes she just enjoys our undivided attention. I listen to Wait..wait or Fresh Air while I'm laying down with G at night. I look forward to cuddling with her and no longer resent that she doesn't fall asleep by herself. And sometimes I do my chores while listening to music.

Which brings me to my second gift. A diving watch. After numerous sports watches, the last one pink with velcro ( i loved it, but the velcro had worn off and it looked less than chic at church.) Jesse and I found a watch on Amazon, silver link, feminine, and mom friendly. Which means I can clean the tub, give kids a bath, wash clothes and dishes and not worry about my watch band getting wet or the innards giving up. My happiest moment after Christmas was when we were watching our friends' kids. Their three boys and our two girls were wrecking havoc, and I stood over the sink listening to Johnny Cash REAL loud washing a HUGE sink full of dishes. And I couldn't help thinking how perfect Christmas was this year.

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  1. I also got an ipod for Christmas this year. The twins did good, nao eh? I work out listening to This American Life. I cook listening to Hidden Kitchens. My life is complete. I can’t believe I haven’t had one in the past. The Dr. Phil method sounds like “The happiest Toddler” in the block method. Didn’t work on Enzo. Tell me your secret.


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